Saturday, July 28, 2012

Top 10 Reasons Why Your Have a Low Traffic Blog

If you are concerned about your site traffic as I am or as most bloggers do. I am sure you are thinking and wondering what you might be doing wrong which is resulting to the decline in traffic. Having low traffic is a big concern not only for small websites but also for well established websites since maintaining a constant site traffic is an important part of a blog success. 

In some instances, traffic can be influenced by many factors of which some of them may be beyond our control. In other cases, it would be just because you are not doing the right thing. Lack of traffic may be very discouraging overtime and can eventually lead to lack of interest in blogging.

Knowing some of the reasons why your site might not be performing well may help you in working towards solving the problem and looking for a solution early enough before you get discouraged.  The following are a some of the possible reasons why your website is not getting enough traffic;

You SEO is Poorly Done or Not Done At All
SEO is one of the most important factor that determines overall performance of a website.  Search engines will give a good ranking and more visibility to well optimized posts with the right keywords.

You Lack Well Optimized Title/Headlines
If you are not writing clear titles/headlines with the right keywords, you will not get enough clicks. Titles appears in the SERP results and users tend to click on the most relevant among the top results.

You are Not Sharing Your Posts
Social networks like Twitter, Facebook is a good place to share your contents. You should always make sure that you share your posts with your readers. One way to do this is by  ensuring  that share buttons are prominently on your website.

You Website looks UnProfessional
We all know that most bloggers utilize their websites for monetization purposes but that does not mean your site should look unprofessional and dis-organized. You can still monetize it but at the same time maintain professonalism and preserve the main theme of a website. My previous tips on what not to do in a blog, can guide you on deciding what is best thing for you website.

You do not Stick to your Niche
Sticking to your expertise is a very important factor if you want to maintain a core audience. Users tend to trust a website that seems to have a focus.

You Dont Update your Website Regularly
Most webmasters do recommend posting atleast once in a day but even if you do not post daily, you should have a regular schedule for posting. If you are updating your website once in a month or after a few weeks, be assured that you will not get enough traffic.

You Do not Do Backlinking
The total number of websites linking to your website determines your page ranking and is directly related to a site traffic. If you want to be successful in getting quality traffic, then building backlinks is a must. Just make sure that you avoid linking from bad neighborhood.

No Comment Moderation
Building a community is an important part of SEO process and website success. You directly interact with your readers through commenting and encouraging  a dialogue. Though, you should be very careful on the type of comments that you approve to avoid making your website looks spammy or approving spammy comments.

You Do Not Have Patience
Some people will give up after a few months. Blogging requires patience, dedication and passion. You may have done everything else right but your website traffic is still very low, do not give up. Give your website sometimes to grow.

You are Using Copyrighted Contents
You may get ideas from other websites but that does not mean you have to copy and paste. Researching more information about those ideas and making sure that you are writing something new will help in increasing your site traffic. Users and search engine are happy when they find something new that is not found in the web.


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