Monday, July 9, 2012

Selecting Keywords for Your Blog

One of the major components when it comes to search engine optimization process is the  selection of the right keywords.  Choosing the right keyword for your blog is the utmost goal and an important part of SEO and especially so, if you really want to compete with your top competitors.

A few tips can help you in selecting/looking for the right keywords for your blog and to avoid problems faced by many bloggers later on after settling on the wrong keyword;

Select  the Right Niche
You will only be able to come up with good keywords if you are able to select a niche that you are very familiar with or at least a niche that can do pretty well when it comes to marketing. Keep in mind that, the keyword that you choose should be related to your site contents.

In some cases, you may discover that searchers are opting for another keywords which is not the main idea of your website. You can still decide to use that keywords provided that you include topics that are related to said keywords. Just make sure that the keyword still fit well in your contents.

Make List of Possible Keywords
The other important step in deciding the right keywords is to come up with a list of possible keywords or phrases that you would like to optimize. If you already have  your list,  you can try to play around by interchanging the words or phrases. In the process of doing that, you can be able to create more relevant keywords or phrases or even discover more interesting phrases or keywords that you can use.

Selecting the Keyword/Phrases
Once you have decided and you have your list ready, try to choose the keywords that can closely define and indentify the contents found on your site. As  much as possible, choose the more specific phrases rather than generalized phrases.

A website/a blog whose optimized keyword is money making online will have a less impact on search engine than a more specific website of the same niche with optimized keyword like 101 ways to make money online. By simply adding another word or a simply phrase could make a big different in ranking and improve your site visibility.

Know Your Competitors Keywords
Believe me, it only takes a few minutes for you to know what keywords your competitors are using to rank high.  You don't want to start competing with websites that are appearing on the top of search engines results. 

It would be much safer to settle on other keywords or simply add some few words to your competitors keywords to create your own. Otherwise, you may end up having a difficult time in getting your blog noticed by search engines.

Targeted Keywords
This is another tips that can really work. Let say you are only targetting a certain area or city. If you include a keyword plus the name of the city, you will find that your are more likely to rank high for that keyword in that area/city.

This could be of much benefit especially if you are planning to use your blog for marketing purposes or you are selling products and you want people to visit your store in that area.

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