Friday, December 30, 2011

Blog Mistakes to Avoid

Most people are using their blogs for monetary gains but stuffing your blog with so much stuff will not do better but eventually will lead to your blog looking less professional and un attractive to the readers. Overtime, as the site grows, bloggers tends to place banners and ads allover the the blog, making the space smaller and very hard to navigate through.

Make sure that surfers or readers can have an easy way during  surfing by either having links for posts which are far away in  bottom or older posts with important information. A professional looking blog will definitely attract more readers than a crowded, uneasy to navigate blog. There are few practices that should better be avoided by every blogger:

Many Ads
Blogs are used for monetization purpose which is usually done in form of banners, links but there should be a limit on the number of ads you squeeze in your blog. This is not only confusing and disrespectful to the readers but also it minimize your chances of getting the income that you want. Most readers will only click on one or two adverts and the rest will just be wastage, as no income will be coming from them. Only select those ads that are suitable for your site.

Annoying or Intrusive ads
I think the person who visits your site is usually interested in getting information rather than listening to music or watching an intrusive video.  Those pop ups unrelated ads are annoying and time consuming for the readers. Most readers are in a hurry to get the right information that they are looking for in shortest time possible and with those intrusive pops ads, definitely they will look for other better blogs.

If you want to earn some extra money through advertising in your blog, make sure that you check out the type of ads the advertisers are offering and go for those ads that are less annoying. Avoid pops ups or other kind of intrusive ads whenener possible unless, you are not able to find other ads suitable for your blog.

Many Social Media Buttons
Community building is important when it comes to blogging but at the same time, it is important to have a limit on  the number of social buttons that you place on your blog.  No need of having two facebook buttons while indeed, one button can do. Make sure that the buttons are arranged in a professional way and are found somewhere on top of your page for easy access.

Copyrighted Materials
Copying exactly the same content of others will not help much and may even affect your overall ranking, negatively. This is because, most readers are always looking for something unique that they have not found somewhere else and if they find that, there is nothing new coming from your site, definitely they will look for a better blog.  

Use links wisely and avoid filling your blog with links from other  websites unless your are doing some link exchange programs. Readers  may eventually decide to move to the website where the links are coming from rather than having to stick to your blog when infact, they can find the original content somewhere else.
Crowded Design
Balancing between graphics and contents is important. Avoid crowding  your blog with too many un necessary elements.  The design of the blog should maintain the theme of the blog without either overdoing or underdoing it.  Use simple fonts that can easily be read without problem and focus more on content.

Demanding Pages
Unless your site is exceptionally good and offers that special notion or tips that are really hard to find or you have  already built a strong community, then there is no need to ask readers to subscribe or follow you in any of the social networks.

This is because, most readers who comes in your site are brought about by search engines or simply by searching for something and innocently brought to your site.  Stop complicating things by telling a reader to subscribe to you. Infact, most readers are usually interested by what brought them to your blog.

Avoid Using Complicated Vocabulary
Unless your blog is specifically meant for language experts or something of sort, then there is no need of using words that audience have hard time understanding what you mean. Try to use simple words or language that can be easily understood by majority. Not everyone who visits your blog is an expertise in your language. Just be considerate.


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  2. I agree with the above points but I would like to add one of my own. I think it's really important to write good blog content, not just content for contents sake!