Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Broken Link Checker Tools

Search engine will definitely hate to have those links that end up to nowhere or posts with no productive results. If you want to optimize your site properly, then it is of paramount important to remove those broken links or invalid links from your blog.  The Broken Link Checker tool helps you  to determine how many invalid or broken links you have in your blog.

To check for broken links, go to Iwebtool  website. On check URL field, put your full URL address and click on check.  A list of your blog links will be displayed as either HREF or SRC. If the link is ok, it will have blue checkmark at the end of it, if not, it will have a red cross mark. Go back to your blog and either edit or remove the item.
You can also sign with the Webmaster Tool for free and get reports about your blog. The frequent updates and reports can show a list of invalid or broken links on your blog and other relevant information about your blog.

For a complete check for invalid or broken links, I suggest you to use both Google and broken link checker tool.


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