Tuesday, March 20, 2012

How To Insert Your Referral Links/URL in a Blog Post

Inserting any referral link/URL to your blog posts is very easy but not so for beginners. For beginners who may not have knowledge on how to do it, here is a simple way to insert a referral link/URL. Just go to the website that your want to link from or where your referral link is found,  copy and paste the URL or referral link.
Go to Blogger -Dashboard - New Post. Type the text that you want in the page that you will insert your referral link. On the New Post window just below the Edit HTML/Compose button, there is the word Link icon (in blue color). When you click on it, it opens to pop up window. 

On Text to display box; write down the anchor text that you want to be displayed and on the Web address box, this is where you insert the Referral link/URL that you copied and paste it there then click on OK. You can read more about what is an anchor text on my previous post.

The referral link will be inserted in your new post page, click on Publish Post to display it on the blog page.


  1. Great thanks---was wondering about that!

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