Wednesday, July 18, 2012

How to Do Blog Outreach Campaign

You may have unique, quality contents and everything else that a good website should have but without doing right promotion or some form of web marketing outreach, your contents become useless since of lack of exposure. When you build a website,  it does not mean that readers will start flocking to your blog. You must promote and do a web marketing outreach campaign, so that you could build traffic and attract as many readers as possible.

Creating an outreach campaign involves trying to reach as many people as possible and building your credibility to the level that readers can start trusting what you are telling them. It is about been able to influence other people in a positive ways.

While most webmasters will rely on social networks as the main way of promoting their  contents.  There are other ways that you can use to create a blogger marketing outreach campaign. 

The following is a list of other simple ways that you could use to reach as many people as possible and increase traffic to your website;

  • Announcing your new website via press release.
  • Do guest blogging in other websites so that you could get some quality backlinks from them.
  • Form a group/partnership with other website owners.
  • If possible get to interview some influencial people through the use of your website. 
  • Choose a few website of the same niche like your blog and link to them. Do not be afraid to inform them that you are linking and endorsing their contents. They are more likely to return a favor with a reciprocal link.
  • Equip your website with the necessary widgets. To make sure that your readers can subscribe to your contents, make sure your e-mail and RSS feed buttons are working properly as well as the social networks buttons. Place all widgets in a front side of your blog and especially on the sidebar, where they can be easily accessible.

Note that the above are a few additional ways that can help in blogger outreach campaign. It is important to know that even if you may be able to get traffic by use of the mentioned ways, the type of traffic that you get is mostly referral. 

It is advisable that you should always work towards getting organic type of traffic which you can get by submitting your blog to different search engines.


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