Thursday, July 26, 2012

How to Make Your Own Google Business Page

For sometimes now, people have been using Google+ for making individual/personal accounts to either promote their business or for social purposes but all this has recently changed when Google made it possible to create a business page.

As you all know, Google is a powerful search engine which dominates all other search engines and having a Google+ business page will most likely have a positive impact on overall performance of your business/website.  This should be an additional page to your personal Google+ profile page.

How to Create a Business Page On Google Plus

If you do not have a Google+ personal profile account. You need to create one since you will only be able to create a business page using your personal profile account.
  • Go to your Google+ Profile Account Page
  • Click on View Profile
  • On the left side Bar, scroll down until you reach the more icon.
  • Click on more icon
  • From the more expanded menu click the last tab "Pages"

  •  It will open to a new window - Click on "Create New Page"

  • On the new window, Pick a Category

These are the different available categories that you can select from;

1.  Local business or place - Please note that Google tend to give priority to local listings if there is no Google Place pages available. The Google+ for local search usually rank above the natural listings.  This is the reason why everyone, especially those targeting the local market, should have a business Google+ page.

2.  Product or Brand - Examples are financial services, cars, electronics, apparels.

3.  Company, Institution or Organization - Examples are companies, organizations, institutions and non-profit organizations.

4.  Art, Entertainment and Sports - Examples are movie, TV, sports, books and shows.

5.  Others - Used if your page doesn't fit in the above mentioned category. 

For this blog, I choose to use others. Fill in all the details required. Page name, URL of your website and the appropriate audience for your contents, agree to terms and  then click on Create.

You will be taken to a page where you are supposed to Customize your Page Profile settings. Fill in the tag line with appropriate keywords, upload your photo then click on Continue. Click on Finish.

I now have my business Google+ page (Daily Blog SEO and Tips). What I need to do is to edit and add contents before sharing it.  Once I am done,  I will use the "spread the work option" (found on the right side bar) to announce the new page on my personal profile account and share it with my friends.

If you do not want to create a business page, you can also decide to connect your blog to your Google+ profile so that whenever you add a new post, it will automatically be posted on your Google+ profile account.


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