Wednesday, January 11, 2012

How to Find Keywords for Your Website Using Google Adwords

Google Adword enables you to check relevant keywords or it simply help you in selecting  keywords that  are more suitable for your blog.  Keywords determine the number of traffic that you blog gets and it is also an important component in search engine language. If you want to discover which keywords are doing much better in search engines, Google Keyword tool is definitely the best option.

Log in to Google Adword from the Google website. If you have already registered with Google’s Webmaster account, then you do not need to register again, just login using the same email. Go to Tools and Analysis and click on Keyword Tool.

If you have not used the keyword tool before, you need to decide on what keywords or phrases that describes your blog well or another website of your interest.  List down those keywords and keyword phrases in a piece of paper.  Make sure  to include specific phrases instead of plain keywords as they are able to give you exact range of results.

When you click on the Keyword Tool,  it opens to a new window which looks like the following. In the first box written word or phrase, enter the related keyword from your blog or from another website with related contents as yours.

Find keywords

Based on one or more of the following:
Word or phrase

Only the first 50 exclude terms will be used.
Only the first 2500 keywords will be used.
Input contains a keyword that is too long.
You have selected too many countries, languages, and keywords. Please choose fewer options and try again.
You have selected too many keywords. Please choose fewer options and try again.

Invalid website


In the website field; you submit the URL of your blog or another website with related content to your website or blog. In the appeal field, you choose the category that best fits your blog or the website of your interest from drop down menu then click on Search.

After clicking on search, the results are displayed in a box just below the above box. For better search results, remember to use low competition level with a high level of Global monthly searches or high level for local monthly searches depending on your target.  

If you want to do a fine search that will include details like language, country where the search is coming from, click on Advance Option, set up other necessary information and click on Search. Different suggestions of keywords or phrases will be displayed.

For example, if you want to check your blog that describes way to Make Money Online, this is how you go about doing it.  Let say in your list of the keyword phrases that you choose, you have Make Money Online. Type make money on line in the first field and click on Search. The answer you get is a long list of keyword phrases which begins with your phrase Make Money Online. The competition field may show medium level or high level or low level.

Take a piece of paper and note those keyword or phrases with low competition and high search results. These are simply better phrases or keywords to use than what you have as your original keywords. The lower the competition and high search results, the better is the keywords.  
Try to do this with other keywords or phrases in your blog or website and definitely you will come up with a better choice of important keywords but remember, do not overdo your blog by stuffing it with keywords or else you may end getting penalized by Google.

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