Tuesday, July 10, 2012

How to Add HTML Code Below Header

If your blog is for monetizing purposes, it obvious that you would like to place your ads on top of the page or somewhere where visitors can be able to see your ads easily and probably click on them.  The best place to put ads has always been above the fold or half upper part of the web page or on the sidebars.

Blog templates comes with  an add gadgets feature which you can use to insert your code for the ads but only on the sidebars or below the post but not on top of the blog post. If you would like to make your ads more visible by placing them after the page header, here is a simple way on how to do it;
Go to Blogger - Dashboard - Design - Edit HTML. Use  (Ctrl  +F) to look for the following code: showaddelement='no' and  replace it with showaddelement='yes' then save your template. 

If you check your blog by going to design, you will notice that add gadget element has been added on top of your blog post. You can use this to add code for your ads by clicking on the added gadget - HTML/Java Script (place your codes in the pop up window) and Save.  If you view your blog, you will be able to see the ads above the blog post title.

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