Monday, July 30, 2012

How to Respond to Negative Comments

It is true that no matter how much you may try, one time or another they will always be someone  who might not be happy with your progress and would like to pull you down. In other times, it might be your business competitors who are looking for ways to tarnish your company reputation. Other comments may just be true negative comments based on the user's  unpleasant experience.

Regardless the circumstance, handling negative comments should be done in a professional way and very fast to minimize the extent of the damages that it may cause. 

How to Handle Negative Comments

First, you need to show your readers that you are concerned about what is going on. Ensure the readers that you are looking at the problem and you will fix the problem as soon as possible by taking the following steps;

  • Clear anything that might be misleading or false by pointing out and explaining everything clearly in a professional manner.

  • Have a friendly tone and no matter how rude your readers may seems to be, avoid been defensive and hostile. Remain professional all the times.

  • If the negative comments are posted in another website, contact the owner of that website as soon as possible. Explain how you feel about what is happening.  If you did something wrong that would have triggered the reaction, request for a correction or find out other possible ways that you can use to rectify the problem.

  • Keep on monitoring the conversation - Monitor how readers are responding to what you are saying. If something is not clear in between their conversation, do not be afraid to jump in and clear the situation. Remain professional and do not engage in any sort of argument with readers/commentors.

  • Know When to  Move On - In some cases, it may reaches a time when users are not willing to listen to what you are saying since they already have a fixed opinion about your product/website. In such a situation, there is nothing much that you could do. It is much better if you would move on and try to rebuilt your reputation once again.

Lastly, blogger should be able to differentiate between negative true comments and negative false comments. If you are dealing with negative false comments, clearing and explaining your point in a professional manner should be your priority.

On the other hand, if you are dealing with negative true comments, the approach should be more focused and geared towards identifying the problem and fixing it.  In some cases, it may just be a small mis-understanding or the reader missed to see some important details when going through your postings.


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