Monday, July 16, 2012

Image Best Search Engine Optimization Techniques

Search engine optimization of images is an important factor when it comes to SERP (search engine results pages). Naming your images properly can enhance your site visibility and increases your site traffic. 

Though it is true that most search engine are more concerned about the quality of contents rather than images but still, by optimizing you images properly, you give search engines something new to index.

Optimization of images usually involves three attributes; 
  • File Name
  • Alt Tags
  • Captions

File Name
Make sure that you save your images with a file name that consist of key phrase/keywords. Using hyphens in naming the image file is very important since you will be creating some spaces in between the words. When people are searching for certain information, they usually  do not search for words when combined together like "Dailyblogseoandtips.jpeg". For a better file name optimization, use Daily-blog-seo-tips.jpeg instead. 

Alt Tags
These are the texts that describes an image. There simply known as the alternate text. Alt attribute tags are important to search engine bots as well to blind users since they help in understanding the visual element of a blog. Think of alt tags as a way of informing the search engine what the image is all about. It is important that your description should include appropriate number of  keywords or keyword phrases. 

Image caption allows the user to add important information about a certain image. They provide the user with an opportunity to write something about the image that you would like to emphasize on. When used properly, they can have an impact on SERP. If you have a site layout that allows you to include caption, make sure that the caption consist of keywords describing the image. 


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