Wednesday, September 5, 2012

5 Key Components of a Marketing Advertising Campaign

It is true that most people associate online advertising with advertisers but they forget that, some bloggers are also turning to paid advertising to market their websites and make money. Online advertising is much bigger than pay per click  or what most people think and for anyone planning to do a successful marketing advertising campaign, a proper strategic plan is needed.

If your are planning to advertise your website or products, this article will guide you in understanding some important key points that you should put into consideration during decision making.  Planning a marketing advertising campaign involves making concrete decisions and whether you decide to do it personally or hire a professional advertising agency, it is all about knowing the basic components of a successful marketing campaign.
A good marketing advertising campaign should consists the following 5 key components;
  • Your objectives or what you want to accomplish by creating an advertising campaign.
  • Understand your budget or the amount of money that you want to spend.
  • Media to use as your channel to deliver the message or advertise your products.
  • Message to be displayed in the media of your choice.
  • Evaluation of marketing advertising campaign Results.
Marketing Advertising Campaign Objectives
A good marketing advertising campaign plan should have clear goals outlined with specific objectives on each stage of the process.  If your goal is to sell atleast 20 cell phones within the first one month. You plan should details a step by step guide of how and what you need to do to reach that goal with the given period of time. In other terms, your objective should be SMART; Sustainable, Manageable, Attainable, Reliable and Timed.
Setting your Budget
Paid advertising involves spending money in order for you to make money.  Deciding on how much money you want to spend is a key in knowing the kind of ads that you should run. Some keywords have a very high competition than others which means you will need to pay more money to rank for those keywords. On the other hand, if you pay more, you likely to get better results.
Selecting Media
Selecting a suitable advertising channel is another important part of a successful marketing advertising campaign. If you think by advertising through social media like Facebook would be more fruitful than search engines like Google, then you should go for it.  Choose the right media that fits well your needs.
Creating the Ads message
A good ad message should be well targeted with the right keywords. Ask yourself the following simple questions when creating an ad campaign message;
  • Does the message have the right words?
  • Is this the right message for the right audience?
  • What SEO keywords have I used to advertise my products that would attract the right audience?
  • Is the message appealing to most of my target audience and other visitors who might come across  my ads?
  • What will make my ads to appear different from the ads of the same category selling the same product?
Evaluating your Campaign Results
This is the final step and an ongoing process of a marketing campaign. If your paid advertising campaign is not giving you the results that you wanted, then it is the high time to look deeper into your strategies and find out what needs to be done or what went wrong. A good campaign should yield positive results and anything less, means there is something more that need to be done.
Each step of the campaign need to be intensely evaluated. Evaluate each phase of your objectives and find out what you have accomplished and what you have not. Look for problem along the way which could have contributed to your not reaching your goals and works toward correcting that problem. If you cannot keep up with big competitors when it comes to spending on advertisements, choosing an alternative marketing media like Facebook would be much better and less expensive.
Lastly, even though there are other things that may need to be put into consideration, the few key points that I have highlighted are the most important and they should be part of your decicion making when designing an effective marketing advertising campaign .


  1. Very informative and a great article ... good tips and great ideas have been provided will implement them in the business i am doing

    1. Thank you. There are basic components but a must if you are considering doing a successful advertising campaign.