Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Where to Place Keywords in Your Blog

From my previous articles on SEO, I have emphasized the importance of choosing the right keywords that are relevant to your contents. In this post, I take a look at the appropriate areas in your blog that you can place your keywords for better search results.

1.  Title Tag This is where your main keywords should be found. The titles are the first thing that search engines find.  It is also important to include a variation of your main keywords in the title tag.

2.  Post Title
Keyword rich post titles are more appealing and more noticeable by search engines.

3. Your Header Keyword
This is the main keyword in page header (H1 tag) with or without keywords in subtitles (H2, H3 tags).

4. Keyword in first and last sentence
This is usually the introduction of the posts and spiders usually go through this sentence and last sentence during crawling. Having keywords in these two sentences is a must to those who cares about SEO.

Other areas to place a keyword can be:
If you have a search widget box, you can place your main keyword there or by use of an image with main keyword as title tag.

One thing to remember is not to stuff your page with too many keywords, otherwise you many get your blog penalized by Google. A keyword density of about 2% will just be fine. The rule of the thumb is always to make your blog contents outshine others with readers on mind. The main purpose of any blog should be for the readers to enjoy what is found in ther blog but not specifically for search engine ranking.


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