Friday, July 20, 2012

Tips in Making a Successful Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social media marketing strategy involves knowing and understanding the right way to use the social medial tools. Most people find themselves overwhelmed by the increasing number of social media tools and they tend to forget the meaningful or the right way to use them.

Basically, social media tools are used for following main reasons;
  • To generate traffic which would possibly result to sales.
  • For promoting products/services.
  • To drive visitors to a website.
  • To get visitors to a certain venue.
  • For social purposes.

If your goal is to use social media tools for top four reasons that I have mentioned above, then you definitely need to have a good plan in place. A good social media marketing strategy should be geared towards;
  • The right audience.
  • Building a trusting relationship with your audience.
  • Maintaining value and values.
  • Having a clear authentic voice.

Right Audiences
Regardless of whether your intention is to make some sales or to drive audience to your website, understanding the target audience is one of the most important thing that you need to know. Know their demographic, their interests and what type of social media tools that they are more likely to use.

Social media networks like Facebook would be a good place to announce about a family gathering, personal matters or to form a group focusing on a certain subject. LinkedIn on the other hand, would be better for targeting managers and executives of big companies. Twitter can serve as a multipurpose kind of social network where you can find any type of audience that you want target whether professionals, educational or business minded.

Building a Trusting Relationship
Building a relationship in social network may takes sometimes but it is one of the important step towards a successful social marketing strategy. Believe me, no one will start buying or promoting your products unless you have first managed to build a good trusting relationship with them.

Maintaining Value/Values
One other important thing that your audience need is value.  Think of the way your contents/products can improve their lives. Is what you are selling to them worth the cost and time? Is your contents good enough that it would provide a reason for a visitor to keep coming back for more? Create something valuable for you reader that would make him want to come back or buy what you are promoting even in the future.

There is no set standards of how you should present yourself in social media networks. You may decide to be formal, non-formal or whatever way you audience enjoy. Social media communication should not in any way be boring. Always remember to start by talking about important issues that pertains to your audience and give less attention about your or your organization unless you are sharing important values that would help your audience.

Having a Clear Authentic Voice
Once you understand your audience, you can now make sure that you are using the right tone. One best way to figure out about your tone is by simply writing the way you talk. If your website is about selling/promoting products, your authentic voice would be more convincing, friendly in nature and should be geared towards making your audience have a positive view about the products that you are promoting. By using a clear voice and been consistency in your voice, you are able to create long lasting connections.

Lastly, selecting the right social tool media for the right job is also very important. One social media tool may be perfect for a certain type of niche but not so good in another niche. Social media networks on the other hand, do not in any way sell products/services but people who use the social media network are the one responsible for making sale.  If you plan to be successful in social media marketing, you must maintain a certain value so that people can get engaged in what you are posting/selling to them.


  1. Social Media plays a key role in business growth. With the help of Social Media the access to any web page has become more operable with simple login steps.

    1. You are also able to reach a very wide audience within a short time which you would not have been possible a few years ago.

  2. Social media has become a part of human lives. According to my opinion people prefer social networking channels rather than news papers.I read this in article oh may god i really shocked

    1. Nowadays, it is very hard to survive unless you engage your business in some sort of social marketing.