Saturday, March 17, 2012

How To Insert/ Upload Image in a Blog Post

Uploading images/photo makes the page looks more attractive and sometimes gives the page some meaning. For beginners who may not be knowing how to do it. Here is a simple explanation of how to upload an image in a blog post.

Go to Blogger - Dashboard - New Post. Type the text that you would like to be displayed. On the task bar just below the Edit HTML/Compose button next to blue link button, there is a small square. If you bring your cursor, just above it without even clicking on it, it display a small pop up window written insert image.  

If you click on it it opens to another window that allows you to browser through the photo/images that you have already saved in your computer (you need to have images/photos  already saved them in your computer).  Select the one that you want and  click on open. The image that you select is displayed on the window, click on add selection to insert it on your blog page.

When the image is inserted in your blog post, you can adjust the alignment and size by simply clicking on it while you are still in compose mode.  A small pop up window is displayed that you can use to change how you want it to appear with the following options to choose from; small, medium, large, extra large and different alignment which ranges from left, right, center among others.

When you are through doing the adjustments, click on publish post and your image is inserted on your blog post. Do not forget to fill up a caption with right keywords related to your image. You can read more on how to SEO your image.


  1. I mean on someones blog

  2. Yes. If you want to insert an image inside the articles/posts that you are writing.