Saturday, July 7, 2012

SEO 101 - The Three Main Factors

The best SEO tactics are not what we see or rather they are not the most obvious. In reality, SEO best practices are nearly invisible to us but are clearly seen and defined by search engine spiders.  Knowing a few things about SEO can get most things done but knowing deep and critical points about SEO may require the help of experts. This is one reason that nowdays, they are thousands of companies offering those services.

In this article, I look at the three important factor that determine how search engine index your webpages and the significant part they play when it comes to optimization process.

Search engines look for three main factors;
  • Design (architecture)
  • Contents
  • Links
When someone is looking for a certain information on the web and type a query, the search engine try to match the query typed with the billions of indexed pages already found in their database and produce the results that are closest to the searched query among the top results.

You can test this by simply doing a search of a keyword phrase of your choice. Make note of the bold phrases in the the first line,  the text underneath it and the URL. This basically show the important of key phrases in the content and the URL. What you see in the SERP is basically is also determined by the code.

Search engines are not humans and basically will index anything that they come along their way (dofollow). The blogs/websites that are well organized get priority. The better organized a website structure is, can improve or make a big difference when it comes to SEO.

"Content is king".  Search engine will look at the keyword phrase from all over the internet including social network like Facebook, tweet, linkedIn. Writing keyword rich content with keyword  phrase that are related to what people are searching for can give a boost to your site.  Updating a blog more frequently is also another factor. Search engine usually note such sites that are updated more often and they make sure that their crawlers are feeding those blogs more often.

Link building shows the popularity of a website. Both internal and external links play a significant role and help a search engine to index a site even better. The secret here is having links with keywords phrases in them.


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