Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Tips on Writing a Blog Post Fast

Writing a blog post may be sometimes challenging especially during those times when you find yourself running out of ideas.  In some cases, the ideas are presents but it so happens that you just do not feel like writing.  Updating your contents more often is very importance since visitors and search engines are always looking for something new. If you make it a habit of updating your contents consistently, you are more likely to get many visitors which equals to more income.

The following is a list of a few simple steps/tips that can help you in writing a blog post fast;

  • Schedule a regular time in a day/week when you can write the articles and stick to it.
  • Create a writing ritual that will get you in the mood of writing.
  • Make a simple outline of what you want to write about.
  • If your posts need researching, do some research first. Do not do both research and writing at the same time.
  • Start writing as fast as you can without editing. You will edit it later.
  • Make the heading keyword rich.
  • Put links whenever appropriate.
  • Incorporate rich keywords throughout the post.
  • Include bulletins for simple listings.
  • Make your post short and easy to understand.
  • Write a short conclusion.
  • Proofread your post/editing.
  • Publish

These are some of my few steps/tips that can get you in the mood of writing and help you in writing your post fast.


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