Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Why Use Facebook

Over the recent years, Facebook users have increased to over 500 million. Infact, if Facebook was to be a country, it would be among the top largest countries in the world. According to Washington post in 2010, Facebook population now equals the population of United States, Japan and Germany combined. With the current high number of users, Facebook is has emerged itself not only a social network place; where family and friends meet but it is also a place to market your business/blog.

For any blogger/marketers, using Facebook to boost your blog is a must and here is top 5 reason why;

1.  Facebook Builds and Creates Awareness
Facebook build connection through personal profiles, pages and organizations. It is a good place for getting targeted audience/ increasing your blog traffic.  With the users' profiles that is open to the public, you can be able to select in details the type of audience that you want to target for a specific campaign.

2.  It Distributes Information
Facebook allows it users to share any information. You can reach a high number of audience within a  very short time.  It can help to revive your business or your blog. A small message posted on the wall about reviving a business or an interesting topic can awaken your old readers and boost your blog traffic once again.

3.  Facebook Creates a Community
It bring people together from all over the world. Users and friends can converse with each other and boost your business. It allows people to freely express their opinion and to let others listen to them. If you plan to remain on top, always listen to what the say and follow where they are.  Remember, people are the sellers but not the companies.

4.  Facebook offer Customer Services
You can use Facebook to organize an event, to answer questions, to promote product and events and provide news to target audience.

5.  Facebook Boost Your Earnings
If you have a thousand friends and each one of them click on your ads, you are most likely to make some good money. When Facebook is used properly, it can really boost your earnings and sales. It is simply a no cost marketing tool for helping someone to remain competitive and relevant.

For bloggers and marketers, Facebook is not only a place for meeting friends, having fun. It is a place to boost yourself and increase your sales.  You can create groups and fan pages where you can target specific individuals with certain interest.  When such people meet together, they will all have a common goal which in the end is more productive.

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