Friday, June 29, 2012

Tips on Search Engine Optimization of Tags

When it comes to SEO of tags, there are three tags that one has to put into consideration; the title, description and the keywords. The title or document title is the text that appears within the <title>.......</title> tags in the HTML code of your webpage and it is very important part of  search engine optimization process. Titles are displayed on the user's browser.

The Meta Description describe your web page content.  Even if the Meta Description tag may not be so important when it comes to page ranking, it is advisable to use an appealing or an an attractive description. Some search engine display it on the user search results page. The Meta Description tag looks like this; <meta content='This sentence describes the contents of your web site' name='description'/>

The other tag is Meta Keyword tag which allows you to define to the search engines which search terms found on your web page are most important. The Meta Keyword tag is placed  between <head>...</head> tags in the HTML code of your web page. It looks like this;  <meta content='This sentence list the important keywords found in your website' name='keyword'/>.

Tips on How to SEO Your Tags
  • Make sure you include your keyword in your title tag.
  • Remember that a good title should clearly indicate what is found on the web page.
  • It should not have more than 60 characters in total.
  • The title should be clear and typed in the title case together with the headers.
  • Avoid repeating same title in different posts. Every page should have its unique title.
  • Use keyword in your description at least once.
  • Avoid using keywords in Meta Keywords tag that are not found in your blog. Search engine may penalize your blog.
  • Using keyword in the Meta Keywords tag is optional. 
  • Make sure that your HTML looks clean. A disorganized HTML may be considered spam by search engines.

Lastly, remember that even though meta tags are placed on the HTML code of your webpage, most search engine do not display them to the users. They are used by search engine to be able to categorize a webpage more accurately.  In some cases, the crawlers totally ignore them and only concentrate on the body text. That is the reason why you should always work towards making meaninful contents.


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