Friday, June 1, 2012

12 Ways to Increase Traffic to a Blog

Increasing blog traffic is fundamental to any blogger and so to anyone else who is looking forward to success in the world of marketing and advertising. Without readers visiting your blog, a blog would lose its meaning since the main purpose of a blog is to have people coming to read your contents.

While the total number of visitors that you get may depends on many factors such as; the quality of your contents, the age of your blog and the niche that you are writing about, there are other simple common ways that you can use to increase  traffic to your blog.
In this post, I will be looking at different ways that you can use to increase traffic to your blog;

  • Add a social media buttons to your blog – Adding social media buttons provides an easier way where your readers can recommend your contents to others.
  • Add RSS feeds and e-mail sign widgets – This automatically will sends anything that you post to those readers who have subscribed to your feed. It works the same way as with email subscription since any post that you write will be automatically emailed to your subscribers.
  • Create a Facebook fan page – This is one best way to promote your blog and boost your blog traffic.
  • Use Twitter feed to feed your blog to your twitter account - Your Twitter followers can get your post automatically every time you write a new post.
  • Add a Re-tweet button to your blog
  • Create a to show photos and images the pertains to your work.
  • Use Networked blog to import your posts to your Facebook wall.
  • Create a LinkedIn organization profile for your blog.
  • Make sure that all links in your blog opens to new window so that your blog will still be open to any other readers.
  • Use relevant keywords for your titles.
  • Add tag clouds
  • Interlink your contents – Linking your older posts is a good way of reminding your readers of important information that you would like them to know which might be hidden on the older posts.

These are some ways that you can use to increase your blog traffic. While most of them can really do wonders by boosting your blog traffic, it is important to understand that, you can only manage to maintain those readers only if you have something special that you are giving to them.

Make sure that the information that you provide to them is valuable, informative, helpful and of high quality. If your blog is outstanding, you will be guaranteed that your readers will always be looking forward to reading more information from your blog. 

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