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How to Blog - Where to Find Blog Ideas

A good blog theme should act as the main source; a place where you can get ideas of your blog contents. If you blog theme is about SEO and blogging, your contents can be anything about SEO and blog related. If you find that you are having a difficult time coming up with your blog ideas, always look at the theme of your blog. You do not want your readers to get excited by your blog theme to only end up losing interest after reading a few lines.

Maintaining your readers by providing informative and quality contents should be your top priority. Here is a few things that can get you there;
What to blog
Keep Your Blog Post Short
Unless you have very important topic that you want to share with your readers or you have done your analysis and you are sure that your readers enjoy long type of topics. I always believe that a blog post should be like a mini-skirt; it should be in such a way that it is long enough to cover the subject and short enough to keep readers interested. You do not want you readers to be reading over 3000 words just in one single post.

Write your Blog Contents as Simple as Possible
Your blog posts should be filled with clarity. Most people are looking for a blog with relevant subject and at the same time easy to understand. A blog post can be as simple as "look at this" with a little explanation of the reason why the readers should click on a shared link.

Have a Writing Schedule and Stick to it
You do not have to write everyday but have a schedule on when to write and be consistent. You can start doing it weekly, then change to three or five enteries in one week.  You can create weekly theme to make sure that you stick to your schedule. If you write about SEO once in a week then you would decide to call it "SEO Wednesday". By this, you will be making sure that every Wednesday you will write something about SEO.

Have a List of What to Cover
If you find that you are running out of ideas, go back to the theme of your blog and decide what you can do with it. Think of what your blog can do to educate your target audience, in boosting a business, what ideas and tricks can the blog provide to is audience. Have a list of those topics and write about them later on.

Stay Informed
Any blogger need to be fully informed about the latest trends/news. You should be flexible enough and ready to change according to the newest trends. No one want to read a blog which is stuck with ideas which were there 20 years ago.  It is important for a blogger to get updated daily.

Get Inspired  by other Bloggers
I am not saying that you go copying and pasting their work but you can simply get inspired by other bloggers to write. Get ideas of what they are writing about/doing and come up with your own ideas. 

Outsource Ideas from the Experts
Guest blogging is another good source of diverse ideas. Your blog get ideas from different experts and can be more appealling to many readers. Guest blogging is usually a win-win situation; where the owner of the blog get ideas that he/she is looking for while the guest blogger get more exposure.

Look for How to Blog Articles
These type of blog articles can be a great source of information and are easier to write since they follow a certain flow. There are great for customer service and for one to show his/her expertise.

Top 10 List
If you have interesting and relevant ideas that you would like to share with your readers, you can use the top 10 list of ideas or things that people do not know about your topic.

Create Some Suspense
You do not have to write everything in one single day. You can create a part of the topic and then create the other part sometimes later.  By doing this, you are giving your readers a reason to come back again or to sign up so that they would be able get the remaining part of the story.

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