Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Top 10 Tips to Help You Tweet Your Blog to the Top of Search Engine

Twitter has grown to popularity and has become a leading social network for marketers or for anyone else who is looking forward to promote his/her work or product. While your success with Twitter will depends on many factors such as; the number of followers, what you are selling/promoting and how well you are able to influence your followers in buying/promoting your work. There are other top tips that can help you in increasing your blog expsoure and gaining a high page rank.

In this post, I am going to look at top 10 tips that can help you  to tweet your blog to the top of search engines by simply improving your reputation;

Avoid Using Fake Twitter Names
If you want to success in promoting your blog/product, do not use fake twitter names. Using your real name will help people in finding your easily. If people know who they are dealing with, they are more likely to promote your blog which helps in building a good reputation for your name.

Add an Image of your Real Self/Bio
Using true image of self (picture) will help those people who might have forgetten your name to recall you through your photos.  On the other hand, if you have a short bio about yourself, you are also likely to find some people who might be sharing the same interest with you.

Tweet your Blog to top of Search Engine

Schedule your Posting
You do not want your tweet to be seen as spam by your followers. Make a schedule of how many times you will be posting in a day and make sure that you stick to it. Spread your tweets over a given time.

Twitter allows you to put a link of your website or link of whatever you might be promoting. Make sure that the link that you put is SEO optimized with the right keywords.

Be Consistency/ Have a Personality
If you decide to tweet about making money online, make sure that you stick to that niche. Avoiding switching from one topic to another or else your will be confusing your followers. Be yourself and stick what you like/know.

Retweet Others Posts
This will help you in creating a better name for your business. If you retweet other people posts, they will most likely reprocate by doing the same with your posts/tweets.

Follow Others
Follow around 100 people in a day but make sure that you follow those people who are dealing with the same niche like you are doing. The more followers you manage to have the better is your chances of succeeding.

Use Hash Tags
Hash tags are used to mark keywords in a tweet which help in categorizing the tweet that you are sending. It is also a way of increasing the visibility of that tweet since when one click on the hashtagged word,  he can be ble to see all other tweets in that category.  A hash tag can be placed anywhere within a message (" #" symbol).

Communicate with Others
If someone tweet you about something, make sure that you tweet back. Maintain an effective communication among your followers and your followings.

Tweet Quality Contents
The standard of your contents will eventually affect how many people remains as your followers or simply read your content. If you are always tweeting sub-standard, low quality type of contents, be assured that soon or later, no one will be looking at those links that you tweet. Quality is the key to success and make sure that you do not dissapoint your followers.
With these top ten tips for tweeting your blog to the success, I believe they can help you increase your blog/contents exposure (traffic) which can eventually help you in getting a better page rank. 


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