Monday, June 25, 2012

Tips on Selecting The Best Web Hosting Services

One dilemma which most bloggers face is deciding on the right web host once you decide to shift to your own domain or even when starting your own website. Nowadays, there are so many web hostings which make it even harder for one to decide which one is the best. Deciding on the right web host is not an easy decision.

There are several things that need to be put into consideration such as connection, uptime, features.  Making the right decision is critical since you do not want to end up with a host which limit you in almost everything that you want to do in your website.

Blog Tips on Selecting the Best Web Hosting Service

Decide on what niche you want to deal with in your website. This will help you in determining the features and the space that you need.  Some hosts are good and known for hosting certain kind of businesses while others are not. Choosing the right host for the right niche can have a positive impact on overall performance of your website.

If you are just going be doing blogging, you may decide to go for a host that provide simple features unlike when you decide to do e-commerce or other online businesses that requires more advanced features.  If incase you plan to have a big business, go for bigger plans. Otherwise, you may end up having to deal with download problems and load issues which is not so good for your business.

Depending on your niche, you will most probably be able to estimate how much space you will require based on your expectations.  Calculating the bandwidth can help you in having a rough estimate of the total amount of space that you can use within a specific period of time eg 30 days.

What happens if you want to expand your business?. Do you have amicable space right now or does your host support extension? Can you upgrade your account if need arises? You have to think of your business growth. This one important goal of any blogger.

The higher the cost, the more reliable the plan. It is most likely that the plan will cater for your website needs. Going for the cheapest price is not always the right thing. Sometimes, it worth to pay a little bit more and in return get a better service.

Technical Support System
What happens if your website get down? Is the company that you are hosting good enough when it comes to giving support. Can they attend to your needs or even guide you on the right thing to do? Make sure you understand their support system before selecting them as your host.

Having made your decision, now it is the time for you to select the best web hosting for your blog/website. Here is a list of best top 15 Web/blog hosts. The hosting prices differsand can be as low as $1.99 and as high as $650 per month.
  • Wordpress
  • Blogger
  • Typepad
  • Tumbler
  • Ipage
  • Posterous
  • Square Space
  • BlueHost
  • GreenGeek
  • Hub
  • Inmotion business hosting
  • HostGator
  • Fatcow
  • Webhosting
  • Host Monster

These are some of the best and common web hostings. You can visit any of the listed web hosting services and find out which one is the best for you depending on your needs. Some of them offer free hosting services. Before selecting any host, it is advisable that you  read customers' reviews so that you can be able to know about the strength and weakness of each web hosting.


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  2. A lot of web hosting services are present now in the society..You are wise enough if you can pick the best one with good quality features and of course with a high standard of service..

    1. That is the reason why I have written the few tips. These tips can help you in narrowing your choices.

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  7. The task of finding the perfect web host is definitely daunting. First, the choices are aplenty. Second, the competition is very stiff. Web hosting is certainly important in making your own website, so it is equally important to use considerable amount of time and effort to find the right one.

    1. I totally agree with you. You must take you time and select a reliable web hosting. Otherwise, you may face alot of problems in the future which can be hard to rectify.