Thursday, June 21, 2012

How to Customize Your Blog Read More Expandable Summary Links in Blogger

Bloggers Blogspot has the insert jump break feature that allows the users to create expandable summary links leaving only the introuduction part visible on the main page. Creating expandable summary links is easily done while you are on the post editor.

You just need to decide the place where you want your link break to appear, place your mouse cursor and  click on insert jump break icon found on your top right side  below Edit HTML/compose button. A  grey bar with a dotted line will appears marking the line break or where you expandable summary of that post will start.

In blogspot, the expandable links phrase "read more" is automatically inserted at the place where you inserted the jump break but you can customize your "read more" to another phrase of your liking (to insert a jump break, place the mouse cursor and click on the following icon).

Go to Blogger - Dashboard -  Click on Edit on the Blog Post widget.  A configure blog post window will appear which looks like this;

Replace the phrase "Read more" with a customized phrase of your choice. For example; continue, next  or whatever phrase you want to use then click on Save found on the bottom of the same window.

If you check the expandable summary links on your blog posts, the link phrase  will appear customized with the phrase that you choose.


  1. Pls provide a photo, image as i am not able to locate Jump break icon.

    1. Ok. I will add an image, check out the post once again.