Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Web Analytics - Contents Analysis and Interpretation to Increase Blog Traffic

To make sure that your understand how your blog is performing, it is important to test both the messages and  medium. Medium includes such things as; the page layout, design, graphic, images etc while messages is the actual contents that is found in your blog.

In most cases, it is may be very hard to pinpoint problems that might be negatively affecting your website unless you seek the help of tools like web analytics.  Web analytics enables you to discover secrets that are hidden deep under your contents.

There are different major analytics categories that you will find in a web analytics page. I will be looking at some of the most common categories;

Most bloggers are usually surprised when they learn that the most viewed pages is not the home page or even the usual landing pages but some other pages found deep inside the contents that you would not be expecting. If you find yourself in such a situation, it would be much better if you would write more articles about that topic on your home page in order to be able to attract more readers.

Top Keyword Phrases Searched
Check out what people are searching for that particular time. What terms are the visitors using that is getting them to your blog? You can be able to notice changes in keywords according to different events, seasons. If you see a spike in search in a specific keyword, make sure that you capitalize on that keywords and act quickly by writing relevant topics.

Traffic Sources
Is your traffic coming from referrals such as social media, search engines or links that you posted in other bloggers' website or forums. Check out which traffic source is giving you the highest number of audience.  What other websites or directories might be referring to you blog that you are not aware of? Capitalize most on where your are getting a lot of traffic from and work towards achieving organic type of traffic.

Time Patterns
What day in the course of the week do you have most visitors? What time? Are they surfing from home or  from their offices? By checking at the prime time, you can utilize it and know the best time that you can write your articles or promote your products.

Which countries are bringing most traffic and which ones has the least traffic? What are the keywords used by visitors from a certain geographical area? If you are targetting traffic from specific countries, you can write topics by using keywords that are mostly searched for by visitors coming from that geographical area you are targetting.

Bounce Rate
High bounce rate may means two things; either your readers are finding what they need on page that they landed or they are not getting what they expected and immediately leave your page soon after landing.  Creating specific landing pages help the readers to locate the content easily and it is more likely that he will read other contents found on that page.

Time on Site
This one may be a bit tricky to interpret especially if your blog is not well designed since in some instances, the visitors may have experienced problems while navigating through your website which still increases time spent on the site. On the other hand, increase in total amount of time visitors spend on your website may indicate that you are having something interesting to offer to your audience. 

New Vs Returning Visitors
Most visitors will only re-visit a blog if they enjoyed reading what is found in that blog. The high number of new visitors signify a rise in popularity of your blog. To make sure that you retain both the new vs returning visitors, create contents that are "sticky" in nature that will glue the readers to your blog. With time, the increasing number of both new vs returning visitors will determine how successful your blog become.

Lastly, web analytic is a very important tool that every blogger should familiarize with and use it to optimize the blog performance. It can help you to evaluate the effectiveness of your optimization process and find out what is working and what is not.

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