Tuesday, February 7, 2012

How to Discover Topics That Generates High Traffic

The utmost goal of writing any post or article is to make sure that it generates as much traffic as possible. In most cases, bloggers or writers are discouraged whenever they write those unique posts which end up been read by only a few people or not even read by anyone. This is because, most bloggers write posts that are not related to what people are searching for at that particular time or posts that are generally out of the main theme of a blog. 

It is important to understand what is of interest to searchers at a particular period of time in order to write articles that will fit to the searchers needs and help you in attaining your goal of generating enough traffic. Here are simple tips that can help you in knowing what people are searching for on the web; 

Yahoo Popular Search
While only a few people uses Yahoo Search as their search engine. Yahoo Search is still able to generate some traffic to a blog or website though in a slower rate compared to search engine like Google. Yahoo contains the most popular column found on the top right side of the homepage which someone can use to search for the most searched information.

Google Trend
Google Trend allows you to know the hot topics and keywords that people are searching for in the web from different location; either globally or locally. This can help you in deciding which topics are more likely to generate more traffic and which title to use that best describe what is on the trend.

New and TVS
This is another place where you can get information on what is coming in the market or any upcoming buzz that may be of significant. An example would be news about a product that is to be launched in the market soon. This can be a better way to try and write about the product even before it is  fully launched in the market.

Target Specific Audience
If you decide to write posts about SEO, then you should stick to writing about SEO but not mixing with other topics that are not related. This is because when you narrow your topic to one field, you build consistency and audience or visitors coming to your blog will always be looking forward to get information on a certain topic. This help in building trust among your audience and make your blog look more professional.  It also make it easy for you to choose a topic or title that best suits your target audience.
Google Ad Word Keyword Tool
This is another important tool that helps in identifying important keywords or keyword phrases that can be used in a blog.  It shows you what people are looking for globally and locally and what keyword or keyword phrases that they are using to search for certain information. I have written a previous article on how to find keywords for your blog.


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