Monday, April 16, 2012

How to Keep Your Visitors Longer in Your Blog

We all love it when visitors land into our blogs and spend sometimes reading it rather than when they only spend one minute or even leave without reading anything. It is true that most readers who visit our blogs are brought about after searching specific information on the search engines and more likely they are only interested in the reading about what brought them to your blog. Sometimes, if we make our blogs entertaining and accessible, readers may get interested in reading other posts.

If you would like your readers to spend more time going through your blog or reading your contents, here is a list of what you can do;

Use a Blogger Search Bar
This is your blog search bar that is exclusively for what is found in your blog but not Google search bar. This will help your readers to get access to other blog posts or other information found in your blog.  You can place the search bar at the side bar on top of your blog where it is easily accessible.
Use a Blogger Language Translator
Unless you are only targeting the local readers but incase you targeting all readers including international, it is always important to include a language translator search bar. This will help readers who may accidentally landed into your blog and may have difficulty understanding your local language.

Make Sure that Your Blog Loads Fast
My previous article on how to set the number of posts that show on your homepage  recommended a manimum number of 5 posts or at least a maximum of 10 posts in your homepage. No one wants to spend a lot of time waiting for a page to load. It is usually a turnoff and most readers will not be willing to wait for that long time for a page to load.

Update Your Blog Frequently With Quality Content
When people search for information, they are looking for something different or something new. If you have fresh and quality content, your blog will gain popularity and you will definitely gain more readers coming to read the new content. No one would be happy to come back to a blog after one week to just find the same information that he read one week ago.
Make your Blog Easily Accessible
If your visitors are able to navigate around your blog easily, they will tend to stay longer. Make sure that your blog is clean and all posts are easily accessible. Use links to show older important pages in your blog and display related posts whenever you write a new post. If your content is interesting to your readers, most probably they would be also interested in reading other related contents.
Display the Most Popular Blog Posts in your Sidebar
Bloggers blogs comes with an inbuilt feature that easily allow you to display links of most related or most popular posts. This is a way of informing your audience that there is something good about those posts and they should take time and check them out. This can make your visitors to get more interested in browsing through your blog.

Make it Easy to Comment
Stop complicating the way visitors’ comment in your blog by asking too much information. Blog comments are a way of driving traffic to your blog and can help you in building strong backlinks. You can moderate the comments to avoid getting a lot of spam but make sure that you approve them fast and as much as possible, try to reply to all comments.

Avoids Intrusive Ads
Though having ads on your blog can help you in making some money. You should have a limit of what to type of ads you can have in your blog and what not. Too many ads will make your blog looks less professional and is a turnoff to most readers. As much as possible, avoid those pop ups ads that are very intrusive and annoying to readers.

Lastly, retaining visitors in any blog requires a lot of consideration and effort in making sure that the visitors find your blog entertaining. High quality contents and accessibility are some of the most important factors that determine how your readers perceive your blog and most likely will get them interested in reading more information. This will eventually help you in driving traffic in your blog and building a good reputation for your blog.

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