Friday, March 2, 2012

Free Blog Hosting Services - Free Blogging Platforms

If you are looking for a hosted domain to start a new blog, there are a few blogging platforms that you can choose from. These platforms are free to join/use but most of them are limited when it comes to their features and they would probably not give you the same results that you would expect to get when using a self-hosted blog.
The following are free blog hosting services or blogging platform that you can use to host your blog;
This is one of the most common blog hosting service/blogging platform that is owned and operated by Google. It is very easy to use even if you are very new to blogging and it comes with great features that allow the users to display their content easily. It is also easy to customize. The domain name is “”.
This is one of the simplest blogging platforms but it is probably one of the hardest when it comes to customizing. It would be probably the hardest to use to generate income if you are looking forward to make money with a blog due to its limitation when it comes to customizing.

Blogging platform by are easy to use, they contain great themes to go along with any content. You can create a beautiful blog with wordpress since it allows you to customize and make changes easily. The domain name is “”. If you decide to own a domain, you simply shift to, which is responsible for all self-hosted domains.

Others free web hosting include;
These are all free blogging platforms/free web hosting that you can choose from but I would suggest to you to go for a self-hosted blog if you plan to do some serious business online. These free platforms are more suitable for starters or bloggers who do not plan to use their blog for alot of promotional or affiliate marketing or bloggers who do not plan to use their blogs for serious monetary purposes. 


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