Wednesday, August 1, 2012

How to Write Keyword Rich Post Title

Having well optimized titles for your posts increases the visibility level of your website. In some cases, we tend to overdo the whole process and we end up with meaningless titles stuffed with keywords. These kinds of titles are not appealing to the users and are less likely to convert to your desired goals.

There are a few tips that you can follow to make sure that your title is not only optimized for search engines but it is also appealing to the users and can grab their attention. One of the  tricks that I will discuss in this post is the use of keywords or keyword phrase at the beginning of the title.

This trick has proven to work very well when it comes to optimization of the page titles. Instead of writing titles and then trying to squeeze keywords in between the words of the title, simply write the keywords at the beginning of the title, then think of other natural phrase  or words that will fits well in title.

Let us have some examples where we will use the Keywords at the beginning of the titles. In this example, the keywords we are targeting is “Website Hosting Platforms”. Note that, I will use the said keywords as my SEO permalinks URL, then I am going to generate a title with the said keywords in the beginning of the title.

I will now make my title more meaningful by adding a few words just after the keywords. My new title will be; “Website Hosting Platforms for Bloggers”. The other alternative that I can use is to add one or two words in the beginning of the title or at the end of selected keywords to make it a long-tailed title. So, my new title will be something like, “Free Website Hosting Platforms for Bloggers”.

From the above titles, you can clearly see that my titles are SEO and at the same time, they are  appealing to the readers. With these kinds of titles, users are more likely to click on them since they look more meaningful and natural.

Note that, the keyword phrase that I have come up with is a long tailed keyword phrase with 3-6 words.  It is important that whenever you are making a keyword rich title, you should come up with two different sets of keywords and keyword phrases.  One that contains two or three keywords that you will use as your SEO optimized permalink URL  and the other one which is much longer to be used as the post title.

In some cases, you may want to put a keywords at the beginning of the title but you notice that it does not fit well in that place or it sounds very unatural. In such case, it advisable to insert the keyword in the place that it fits best. Just make sure that the keywords that you choose have low competition and high search rate locally and globally.

There is no given formula when it comes to how you arrange your keywords in titles but putting your keywords at the beginning of the title enhances site visibility. However, the most important thing to remember is that, your titles should be more appealing to human and  search engine friendly. 

With these few tips, I believe you are ready to write an excellent, human appealing, search engine friendly post titles that targets the right audience.  When you are through generating your well optimized title, use it to write  a post that addresses what the title promise.

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