Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Getting Backlinks to Blog for Free

Most websites owners are looking for ways to increase traffic for better SEO rankings. One best way to do this is by having quality backlinks.  Though it is still possible to acquire backlinks naturally, but for those of you who want faster results, the following are different ways that you use to getting free backlinks;

The Backlink Builder Tool 
You enter the keywords of your choice and a list of relevant sites from where you can get some backlinks is displayed. One important thing to remember while using the backlinker builder tool is to make sure that you use the right keywords so that you can be able to find the most relevant sites.

Getting Listed in Directories
If you are serious about building quality backlinks, then it is important to get listed in directories like Ask and Yahoo. This is not only important for quality backlinks but you also get noticed by search engine and potential visitors. To register with most of these  directories is free but even though, it may takes sometimes before you website is registered to directory category of your choice.

RSS Feeds
You may decide to offer RSS to other interested sites or readers for free. This help in increasing your blog traffic in sense that, while your feeds is getting published, there might be potential viewers who might be interested in your content and might they decide to visit your website for more details.

Social Bookmarking
Social networks like Digg.com provide a good place for increasing your site traffic. If you write quality articles and you update your blog regularly, it is possible to have a good reputation, high traffic and to get quality backlinks.

Forums and Blogs
Search engines do index forums  more frequently but if you decide to build backlinks by forum posting, make sure to select a forum that is dealing with same niche like yours.  Links coming from unrelated forums are not significant and may affect your blog, negatively.

Sometimes, the blog administrator may even decide to delete post if it doesn’t fit well to the content or may even ban search engine from indexing your posts. Posting backlinks on such a forum will be just a waste of time.
Article Distribution
There are many websites where you can submit article on different subjects. Some of those websites offer submission services at a little fee while others are free. If you decide to build backlinks through article submission or by using distributions sites, make sure you write quality, unique articles that can attract readers.

Affiliate Programs and Paid Advertising
Affiliate programs and paid advertising can help you in getting more visitors and building quality backlinks. The problem  with using this method is that ,most of them are expensive and not everyone can afford. If you are looking for free ways to build backlinks,  the other 6 ways that I have discussed in this post would be most appropriate for you.


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