Wednesday, January 25, 2012

13 Popular Search Engines to Submit Your Blog

While many people are aware of Bing, Yahoo and Google as the main search engine. There are other not so famous search engine or directories that you can submit your blog. These search engines even though they may not be well known, they can definitely help you in boosting traffic in your blog and eventually getting a good page rank.

The following are top search engine or directories that you can use to submit your blog;

1.    Alexa

2.    Ask


4.    Looksmart

6.    DMOZ



9.    Altavista

10.  AOL

11.  WhatUseek

13.  Bing 

While the contents of your blog remains a major determining factor of how many visitors comes to your website, it is also important to know that, with proper search engine optimization process, you can boost your traffic higher.


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