Monday, January 30, 2012

Benefits of Google SEO

While most bloggers are aware of important of SEO, most beginners have difficult time understanding why and whether it is necessary to SEO a blog. For most beginners, having a blog is the only thing that matters and most of them forget that unless your SEO your blog, it could simply means that your blog is non existence in search engine.

There are many benefits of SEO blogs. The following are some of those benefits:

Page Ranking
Page Ranking is one of the most important benefits of SEO. This is because with a high page rank, your blog is most likely to appear on top of search engine every time somewhere is looking for information related to your content and is still more likely to be clicked.

Access to Google  Webmaster and Analytics
You  will probably be a more successful  blogger if you take time to look and analyze what happens in your blog. Google Webmater and Google Analytics gives you that opportunity to access all data that is relevant to your blog. You are able to pin point certain problems coming from the webiste and work toward improving it or eliminating the problem.

Access to Google Adwords
Google Adwords consists some of most important tools that can guide a blogger in knowing how to improve a blog such tools like Keyword tool helps in selecting keywords that are more meaningful and less competitive in global and local search results.  It shows you a list of words and phrases that people use to search certain information and how many people searched  using those phrases both local and globally.

Long Term Benefits
SEO is a long term goal that will make your website remain on top of search engine results for a long time unlike other programs like pay per click that may last only for a short time.

Higher Sales or Marketing
With improved SEO, there is constant flow of traffic to the website and it is more likely that, some of those visitors  coming to your blog will click on your ads or other monetizing programs. This will  definitely results to better earnings through clicks generated by visitors who comes to your blog.

SEO Work for 24/7 Hours
Whether you decide to be away for one or two weeks, you SEO website will remains on the top of search engine results provided that, you are able to post regularly and no violation of their policy.


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