Wednesday, January 11, 2012

How to Check and Fix Problems Found in Your Blog By Search Engine

Most bloggers have difficult time understanding why their blogs are performing poorly in search engine or not appearing at all. While the uniqueness of your contents remains a key factor in determining the number of traffic that you get in your blog, there are other problems that can seriously affect the overall performance of your blog in such engine.

It is important to be able to pin point those other problems in order to improve the blog rankings in search engine. The following are some of the steps that can help you in identifying and fixing most of the problems:

The first thing you need to do is check whether your blog is appearing in Google search engine by going to Google website and type the following; site:yoursiteurl.  If your site is displayed, then it is indexed by Google index and no need to worry about indexing.  You can also check site rank for your domain name by simply typing the name of your domain on the Google website.

If you site is not displayed or rank poorly then there is definitely some problems with your site.  Remember to  submit your sitemap  to Google every time you add new contents or if you are a new blogger.

The next step is to check crawl errors by use of  Webmaster Tool.  If you have not registered with Google Webmaster tool, make sure you register first so that you can be able to access the tools.  Check out other important information that you may need to fix like blocked meta tags, robot problems that may be affecting your blog.

The third step is to check your index status once again (Same step as you did in the first step). This simply shows how your site is represented in the Google search index but remember that, Googlebot doesn’t read texts that are included in images and read plain text or flash files.  Avoid using too many images in your blog as much as possible and instead use plain texts.

The last step is to write content that is relevant and useful. Use contents with relevant keywords and search queries phrases. Check out the results of search queries and keyword. I have written a previous article on how to find keywords for your blog.

This is very important as it gives information on what people are looking for and what you need to include in your blog but remember, overstocking your blog with keywords will definitely not be helpful in the long last. Use keywords and keyword phrases wisely.


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