Monday, January 9, 2012

How to Google Site Search

Sometimes a blog or a website may fall out of search results which may be attributed to many problems such as crawl errors, among others. To quickly determine whether your site is still indexed by Google or other search engine, just perform a site search for the entire URL.

Go to Google webpage, type site:URL. Please note that there should be no space between site, operate and domain name. An example search for Google site, would be: If you site is displayed when you perform the Google site or yahoo site search, then it is included in the search engine.

However, if your site used to be indexed and no longer appears on the site search, then it may have been removed for violations of webmaster guidelines. What you need to do is to review the guidelines and fix the violations issues and then re submit your blog again for a reconsideration request.

You can also verify whether your site ranks for your domain name. Do a search for www. (your domain).com, if your site doesn't appear in the results, or it is ranks poorly in the results, this is a clear sign that your site may have some problems or violations.

If it is problem to do with malware, the webmaster will always let you know through message center but if it has to do with violation, review your blog, resubmit it once again for reconsideration.

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