Sunday, January 29, 2012

Search Engine Friendly Tips

While most bloggers are concerned with SEO techniques to increase their blog rankings. There are various things that are considered search engine unfriendly and can eventually affect your ranking in a very negative way or even get your blog penalized. Others, are considered search engine friendly and increases your chances of getting a higher page ranking.

In this post, I take a look at five ways to make your blog search engine friendly;

Build Natural Backlinks
While backlinking remains an important element in SEO language, there are specific type of backlinks that are considered important than others. If your backlinks are naturally built and are from a website with a high page ranking, then they are more significiant than those backlinks that comes from a website with low page ranking or websites with un related content to what is found in blog (spam). Natural backlinks are acquired over a period of time and are considered much better unlike backlinks that are acquired through backlinks building softwares which are more likely to get your blog penalized.

Use Minimal Keywords
While keywords rich text is considered SEO friendly, it is important to make sure that, the keywords that are found in your blog are related to your content. Unnecessary use of keywords (stuffing) is a recipe for your blog to get penalized.

Use Required Keywords in Keyword Meta Tags
Most bloggers uses Keyword Metatag for better SEO results but using too many keywords may sometimes proves unfriendly to the robot. Make sure that you have a maximum of 20 Keywords in the Keyword Meta tag.

Avoid Title and Meta Tags Duplication
This is another factor that can affect the SEO negatively, avoid using posts title that looks the same.  You can read more on how to solve problem of duplicate title or metatags problems in my previous article.

Be Original
Search engines are always looking for something unique that is not found in other websites. If you want to have a good page ranking, it is important to concentrate on having quality and unique contents. This will eventually attract more traffic to your blog leading to better page ranking.


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