Sunday, January 22, 2012

What is a Blog - How to Blog

If you are a newbie in this business of blogging, it is not a wonder to find yourself wanting to know more about blogging by asking yourself questions like, what is a blog, how to blog. If I am going to define a blog by my own words, I would simply say that, a blog is simply a place where you choose and write topics about your favorites subjects on daily basis.

While the act of maintaining a blog through updating it, making new posts is what is called blogging. The entries about your favorite subjects are called blog posts and the person who posts those articles is what we call a blogger. A blog comes with inbuilt templates that allows the blogger to design the blog, to make changes on the appearance of the blog and to "Edit HTML".

Blogs has many other features such as; archives, gadgets, comments, settings, stat and many more important features. The archives display a list of all the posts that the blogger has posted from the time he first started blogging. The gadgets which are found on design, allows the blogger to  includes important  information on sidebars and re-locate them wherever he wants in the blog page.

The comment button allows the readers to give suggestions and feedbacks about any posts that they may find interesting or request for more information that they may need.  If you decide that you do not want readers to comment on your  blog, you can simply remove it by going to setting, comment then click on hide.

The setting  button contains all important information about your site like your URL, side feed, formatting, archiving etc. You can get the URL of your blog here.

How to Blog

There is no specific style that you need to apply while blogging. If am a going to answer this question on how to blog. I would simply tell you to;
  • Find a topic that you are very familiar with, write anything interesting about that topic.
  • Have some basic knowledge on html and coding.
  • Make sure that atleast you frequently write new articles (recommended one articl in a day).
  • Do not copy and paste the work of other blogger. Make your own quality original articles and post.
  • Promote your blog by advertising in social networks or emailing your friends about it.
  • Learn more about SEO and apply it to your blog.
  • Built traffic and once you have enough audience, you can start using your blog to make money.

These are basically the most important thing that you need to know about how to blog. Blog comes with many amazing and easy to use features and every one can start a blog whether you you have knowledge in blogging or not. You simply do not need any special knowledge to know how to blog or to start your own blog.


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