Friday, January 27, 2012

Backlinks Building Softwares

While some bloggers may prefer building backlinks naturally, they are those who are looking for faster ways to gain equally powerful backlinks. This can be achieved through use of available backlinks builder softwares.

The following are some of the softwares that can help you to build quality backlinks faster or by re-phrasing your contents so as to be more search engine friendly. Some of them requires montly payment while others are free.

1.  Magic Article Rewriter

2.  Articlebot 

3.   Link Juicer

4.   Article Sumbitter

5.   MAS

6.    SocialMonkee

These are some of the softwares that you can use to help you build some backlinks but remember, a huge overnight spike in backlinks would suggest manipulation which can lead to your blog getting penalized. Google does not tolerate any unatural gained backlinks. If you decide to use the softwares, please do it wisely and within a certain period of time.

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