Wednesday, January 18, 2012

How to Improve Google Analytics Bounce Rates

If you are using Google Analytics, it is possible that you have come across the word "Bounce rate". Bounce rate represents the number of audience who visit your blog through search and either find whatever they are looking for in one page or just leave your blog without having to read or click on any post.

For an example. If I have a bounce rate of 60% in one of my posts in my blog, it simply means that 60% of the visitors who come to my blog are either finding what they want by just reading that one post or they are not finding what they want and immediately they leave as soon as they visit the page.

It is important that any blogger should work towards decreasing the high bounce rate as much possible, since a high bounce rate could simply means that, visitors are not getting what they expect to find in your blog. How then do you impove the bounces rate?

Add Links to your Pages - This is one way of retaining audience in a blog. If you add links within the content, the audience may get interested on learning more about those links and they may click on them. Remember to use meaningful links or anchor text that will leave the reader wanting to know more about the next page. Read more on what is anchor text.

Links on the Sidebars - Blogs have these permanent side bars that are found everytime one open a new page, make sure that you include links to older pages or other pages with meaninful information. Use attractive links headings like best blog articles, most popular articles. This will definitely look more attractive to the readers.

Work on Content - This is one of the most important thing if you want to retain a high number of audience. A high bounce rate maybe caused by the poor quality contents in your blog. Working on improving the content and changing those titles with a high bounce rate can have a significant effect on lowering it.

Lastly, remember to use Google analytics to find out which pages have the highest and lowest bounce rates. This will help you in determining which pages need to be improved most and which pages need little or no improvement based on the percentage of the bounce rate.


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