Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What is First Link Priority

First Link Priority is a concept in Google SEO that is used in determining which links is more important  and valuable than the other. It is a Google rule that states that, the first link (outbound link) that is initially make targeting a specific page in another website is the only one that count and all other links that comes from the same page targeting the same page in the other website are usually ignored and often may lead to negative impact on SEO.

For an example, if you have two links, X and Y coming from blog A and targeting blog  B. The first link that you made which is X is targeting a image in website B (page 10) and the next link Y which is rich with a certain anchor text is targeting the same page (10) but in a different position.

Here the only link that matters will be X which targets the image in website B and not the optimized anchored link Y. This will lead to Google missing the important anchored text which is useful in SEO and instead the only link that will be considered is link Y.

How do you then fix this problem, it is very simple, by use of the following HTML and CSS code;

The HTML codes should look like this:
<a href="" class="image">Your Anchor text</a>

The CSS code will look like this;

               background: url(images/your-logo.png) no-repeat 0 0;

The above codes will be able to solve the problem but the best thing to do, is to avoid getting into the problem in the first place by not linking to any page more than once.


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