Thursday, September 27, 2012

Press Release Media Distribution Sites

When doing a blog marketing campaign, it is important to consider using a Press Release Distribution Sites. By posting news in Press Release specific websites, you increase your site visibility and your site is more likely to attract media attention.

The following is a list of PR Distribution sites that you can use to post blog news or other important news;
PressReleasePoint - A PR distribution site which is composed of more than 50 websites. You news is submitted to all websites at once rather than submitting one by one. PressReleasePoint charge a small fee for their service.
PRWeb - You news get indexed very fast by major search engines like Yahoo, Google and Bing. They help in creating a buzz, increasing online visibility and driving traffic to your site.  This is not a free service (paid service).
ProfNet - This is another paid service where your news can get alot of exposure. ProfNet reaches more that 4,000 news organizations via PR Newswire's national  newsline. The news are also distributed via emails to more than 7,500 subscribers.
PR Newswire - One of the largest PR distribution site with 11,000 news outlets composed of 5,500 news rooms including wire like AP and 5,500 websites, among others.
PitchEngine - This is a social media press release that allow it users to share their stories with other bloggers, consumer or anyone else interested in the news. You can also share images or write a Twitter message. They offer both free and paid services.
Do not also forget to announce your news in social networks like Facebook, post the news on your website and your email list.


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