Saturday, September 29, 2012

How to Add Bullet List in Popular Posts in a Blog

If you take a look at this blog, you will notice that, I have bullet points on my related posts  links but there is none on my popular posts links.  If I want to add bullet points on the popular posts, I can easily do it by changing the list style in my blog template.

This is how my popular post links looks like without the bullet points;

Note that by using this method,  I can only be able to add any of the following bullet points style; 
  • Square bullets
  • Circle bullets or
  • Disc bullets
To add bullets on popular posts links;
  • Go to blogger dashboard
  • Template - Edit HTML - Proceed
  • Save your template before making changes
  • Using CTRL + F, look for

.widget .popular-posts ul {

  list-style: none;

Replace the word "none" with the bullet point style of your choice. For example;
.widget .popular-posts ul {
  list-style: Square;
This is how my popular posts links looks like after adding square bullet points;
Preview your template and if you like the bullet points, click on Save Template. You are done. All your popular posts links will now have bullet points.

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  1. Thank you very much. It worked well in my blog.

    Is there any way to enlarge that square bit?