Wednesday, September 12, 2012

How to Add Live Feed Traffic Widget to a Blog

A live traffic feed allows you to track your visitors by showing which countries they are originating from and which pages they have viewed. Apart from this, it also acts as a mini web analytics since it displays words and phrases visitors are using to arrive to your site. One reason why I like using live traffic feed is because it is very easy to access. I do not need to login and I can immediately find out the source of all my last 50 visitors by clicking on real time view.
Adding a live traffic feed to a blog only requires a few minutes. The one that I am using in this blog is from Feedjit.  To get started, Go to
Click on Choose Your Feedjit. You will have to choose between Free, Advance and Pro.
Live Traffic Feed (free) is ad supported. There is no trial period or credit card requirements. With the basic Live Traffic Feed you get a free real-time view of your site traffic. You can see all visitors arriving in real-time. You can also customize the colors of the feed to exactly match your blog or website theme.
Feedjit Advanced is free of ads and it matches well with the theme of your site. You can easily choose the number of visitors to display.  As an Advanced user you also have the option to remove Feedjit branding and menus.  Cost $4.95 monthly membership subscription.
Feedjit Pro lets you see your visitor’s journey from beginning to end and let you understand how they experience your site.  You can see how long they stayed on each page before clicking through to the next. Feedjit Pro includes all the features of Feedjit Advanced.  With Feedjit Pro, you can opt to keep your visitor information private with a hidden Live Traffic Feed.  Cost $9.95 monthly membership subscription.
In this tutorial, I will assume you have selected the free Feedjit. After selecting, click on Sign Up.  Fill in your name, select country and email address then click on Get your Traffic Feed.
Customize your feedjit by selecting color that matches your blog. Select where you want to install the live traffic feed. If you select Blogger Blog, you need to follow the instruction given on the next page. I prefer selecting on other blog or website so that I can manually insert the code.  Once you are done, click on Go. 
A code will be displayed in the next page. Copy and paste the code in your website.
If you are installing it in blogspot, go to Design - Add gadget
Select HTML/Javascript. On the configure HTML/Javascript pop up window, paste your code there.  Make sure your Feedjit is installed on your sidebar so that it is visible in every page. Click on Save and View Your Blog. You now have a live traffic feed from feedjit.
Do not forget to click on Menu on your Feedjit Widget - Ignore my Browser everytime you are viewing your site. Otherwise, your visits will also be counted. You can reverse this by once again clicking on Menu and clicking on Stop Ignoring Me on this Site.


  1. I have two blogs but not added live feed traffic widget on these. After read your post regarding this widget i feel that it can improve my blog via this awesome widget to attract visitors.

    1. Other than that, it helps you in knowing what phrases are people using to reach to your blog.