Friday, September 14, 2012

Add Reaction to Blog Posts

Sometimes your readers do not have time to comment and you would like to know how they feel when they read your contents.  You can simply know how they feel by adding a reaction. Blogger comes with an inbuilt feature that allows you add reaction below all your posts.

If you would like to give your readers an alternative way of expressing how they feel other  than commenting, here is how to put a reaction;
Go to Design or Layout - Post Widget - click on Edit
A  configure post pop up window will be displayed. Scroll down the page until you reach where there is a reactions feature (near the bottom of the page).
Check the box next to reaction. You can customize the words by replacing them with whatever other words that you want to use by clicking on Edit.
When you are done. Click on Save.
You can position by dragging it where you want it to be displayed. View your blog. Now you readers have two ways of expressing themselves either through commenting or by clicking on a reaction.

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  1. I agree, been a blogger user ever since and I really like it more when it comes to its features.