Friday, September 21, 2012

Adding Banner Affiliate Code in a Blog

If you are looking for ways to make money online, may be you are already thinking of getting involved in affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is where you get paid a  commission based on the number of people that you send to the advertiser's site but only if, they purchase something from the site. 

If a user visiting your blog, clicks on the banner ad  or a link, the user is taken to the advertiser's website and if he or she makes a purchase, you get paid a certain commission.  I am not going to elaborate more on money making since what I want to discuss is how to place an affiliate banner code in your site. 

This post is meant for beginners who may not be knowing how to do it. For those of you who may be interested in knowing different ways to make money online, you can visit my other blog;
The first thing that you need to do, is to register with any program that is offering affiliate marketing. A programs like Google Affiliate can be a good choice but only if you already have an existing adsense account.  Once you have registered and you have decided on what type of products you want to sell, you will have to think of ways to promote your products.  Social networks like Facebook can be a perfect place though it all depends on what type of products you are promoting.

If you do not want to use social media, you can then decide to sell the product using your blog. Here you will have to place the banner code. Depending on where you want to display your banner, you can choose to display it;

Below the title before the post body. You will use the same steps that we used when placing the Chitika or Adsense code below the title. This time, you can directly insert the code without converting it.

Above the title just below the main header. Check out  how to do this on my previous article on how to add HTML code below header.

Below the posts - We are still going to use the same method that we used when placing the Adsense code. Read my previous post on how to add Adsense ads code below posts.

On the side bars
  • Go to Layout - Add Gadget
  • Select HTML/ Javascript
  • On the configure HTML/ Javascript pop up window, paste your code there. Click on Save.

Position your gadget where you want your banner to be displayed on your sidebar. View your blog. You should be able to find a banner like the one below this post on your side bar or wherever you have placed it. These are the possible places that you can display your banner ad.



  1. That was some really good information, about placing banner codes; your technique also works with Ad Sense code. Placing your code in before your post helps with your click through rate. Proper positioning with your code and quality content will cause your earning to grow. I really enjoyed your article and some of the other articles on your blog thanks for such good information.

    1. Good Ad placement can tremendously increase your CTR. You just have to keep on testing until you find one that works best for you.

  2. Thanx a lot
    it helped me a lot :)