Tuesday, September 25, 2012

3 Top Tips to Boost SEO

If you are searching for information about SEO, you will definitely find alot in internet and the only thing that you need to do is to know the proper way to implement the information that you have found. Today, I am going to discuss about a few tips that can boost SEO. These are simple tips but a must especially for bloggers who are doing blogging as a professional.

Tips that Can Boost SEO
How long your Register a Domain - If you are registering a domain, consider registering it for more than 5 years. When search engines see domains that are registered for a longer time, they tend to take such websites more serious and give them a higher page ranking. This also prevent your competitors from using your domain.
Subscribe to Google.com/alerts - Google alert enables you to know what other people are saying about your website or other items that have been indexed by Google. You are able to keep updated and know what you need to improve on to keep on top of SEO. You receive emails alert about your pages, blogs etc.
Check Canonical URLS - If your site has been in existence for sometimes, it is important to check for canonial URLs. Simply type in a browser www.yourwebsite.com and http://yourwebsite.com (without www). Check whether the URL appears as the same way as it was typed in both cases or whether it is redirecting to one or the other. This is because some sites usually have two URLs  (canonical URLs) - the same website but landing on two different URLs.
In such situation, you must declare to the search engines which homepage you would like to be your landing page or the primary domain. This helps search engines in knowing the main domain that need to be indexed.


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