Monday, August 20, 2012

How to Add Blogspot Category

Blogspot comes with a feature that allows you to insert labels so that it is easy to place related posts under one label. In some cases, you may  want to show labels in categories. This simple tutorial will guide you on how create label category.

First, you need to create some labels for your posts. All the related contents should be under one label. On this blog, I have my categories as menu tabs after the heading. I will show you how to add label categories on your side bar.

  • Go to blogger Dashboard 
  • Design
  • Add Gadget
  • Select the Link List

  • On Configure Link List pop up window, fill in the required information.

  • Fill out the category name title in the space provided. You can use a different title name if you do not want to use categories.
  • List the number of links that you want to show eg 10.
  • Decide how you want your links to be sorted (sort alphabetically or sort reverse alphabetically).
  • Put the New Site URL of the label that you want to show under that category; eg. can find the URL on your browser after clicking on a label.
  • Type the New Site Name; eg Blogging
  • If you want to add more labels under that category just click on Add links and do the  same thing as you have done above.

  • Click on Save

In the example above, I have added two labels on that category. The blogging and SEO blog labels.  On my side bar this how the two categories look like. If I click on any of them, I will see a list of posts falling under that category/label.

Please note that I have set all my labels/categories to show a maximum of 5 posts under one category. If you want to have more posts shown under that category, you can change the last part of the code max-results=5 to whatever number you want.  For example; This will show 10 posts under the category "Blogging".

You can also learn how to automatically reduce number of posts showing under each label through my previous post.


  1. Defining and organizing blog categories makes a big difference when it comes to search engines finding your content. It also helps visitors to easily locate info they want. Excellent tips.

    1. I agree with you. Enhancing user experience is one of the ultmost goal that any blogger should look forward to accomplish.

  2. Being a blogger your post is very helpful for me to understand the technicalities of blogspot blog's design and categories. Usually people don't know how to operate it in right way and they just share their content and get links which is very lower thing in blogging.

    1. Blogspot has one of the easiest features and it is very easy to learn how to use them if you are interested.