Thursday, August 16, 2012

How to Add E-mail Subscribe Form in a Blog

By adding an email subscription form in your blog, you offer your readers with more options to choose from when subscribing to your contents. There are some readers who are not very comfortable when subscribing to the RSS feeds and would prefer to receive updates through their emails.

There are two ways to add email subscription form in a blog that I am going to discuss in this post. I will start with the easiest one.

  • Login to Blogger Dashboard
  • Click on Design (old interface) or Layout (new interface)
  • Add gadget
  • On the pop up window on the left side bar, Click on Basic
  • Select Follow By Email

  • Another pop up window will appear with Configure Follow by email form. 

Note that when adding email subscription gadget for the first time, your Feed URL from Feedburner is already included but you can always change the URL if you want.

  • Click on Save.

If you check your blog, you will find the Follow By Email form already inserted.  Make sure that you place it on the right position where you want it to be displayed.

The other way to add email subscription is by going to I assume that you already have a gmail account since you will use the same email to login to If you do not have an existing gmail account, you can create one, then login to

After logging in to your account, click on My Feed and select the feed that you want to use to make the email subscription.

  • Click on Publicize
  • Click on Email Subscription

  • Copy the subscription code (do not forget to active your email subscription by clicking on save/activate link on Feedburner)
  • Go to dashbord - design/layout
  • Add gadget
  • Select HTML/JavaScript
  • On configure HTML/JavaScript pop up window
  • Paste the code that you copied from Feedburner
  • Click on Save

If you check your blog, an email subscription form is already inserted. You can test whether it is working properly by subscribing to your own content.


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