Sunday, August 5, 2012

Top 10 Ways to Increase Site Popularity and Blog Traffic

Increasing site popularity is one of the best way to attract quality targeted visitors to a website. While this can be done through several ways like using social networks to promote your contents and buidling quality backlinks.  There are a few best known and proven ways when it comes to generating quality traffic.
In this post, I look at 10 best known ways to increase your site popularity and targetted traffic;

  • Optimize your website with the right keywords.
  • Select a website domain name and URL with appropriate keywords that describe your business.
  • Ehnance usability experience of your audience by regularly testing the performance of your website and checking SEO errors through the use of free SEO tools.
  • Submit your contents to search engine and online directories.
  • Built relevant quality backlinks.
  • Promote your contents to social networks like Twitter.
  • Track your website backlinks and other problems like sitewide links through the use tools like
  • Check your blog ranking in search engines frequently.
  • Monitor your site performance and visitors through Google Analytic and Webmaster tools.
  • Write, quality, sticky type of posts and respond to users comments as soon as possible.

These are my top 10 ways that you can utilize to generate quality traffic to your website and increase your site popularity. 


  1. thanks a lot for sharing us can you share some more link for comments blog?

    1. If you are asking about the number of comments links you can display on the page. Blogger only allows a maximum of 5.