Thursday, August 9, 2012

Referral Traffic Vs Organic Traffic

If I may ask you right now, what type of traffic do you think it much better or if you had the the option to choose between the three, would you go for organic, direct or referral traffic?  I may not be able to get an answer to this question right now but I have a feeling that, most people would opt for an organic (search) type of traffic.

What is Traffic?
Traffic is the flow of visitors in and out of a website. It is basically determined by many other factors such as; how many visitors are coming in and leaving  a website over a period of time, the number of pages that they view per visit and the country of origin.

If you are using Google Analytics, I know you have noticed the different types of traffic. The most common been;

  • Search Traffic (organic)
  • Referral Traffic
  • Direct Traffic

Search Traffic
This is the type of traffic generated by visitors coming from search engines like Google, yahoo or Bing. It is basically all  type of traffic originating from all search engine. When someone is looking for a certain information on search engine and types a query on the search box, the search engines tries to match the query with the indexed pages found in their data base.

The most related contents is displayed on the first SERPs. If your blog is among the top SERPs, you are likely to get some clicks. This is what is called Search Traffic.
Referral Traffic
Referal traffic is generated when you do forums commenting, blogs commenting, guest blogging, submission of your blog to directories and promotion of your contents through social networks like Facebook among others.

Direct Traffic
This is the kind of traffic that is generated when someone types your domain name on a browser or by people who have bookmarked your site and directly access your site through the bookmark in their favorites.  In blogspot, you are more likely to get this type of traffic since the navigation bar offers an easy way to connect from one blog to another.

So, what kind of traffic is considered the best? First, any type of traffic is important and it all depends on what you want accomplish. If you are looking forward to making money by use of Adsense, then search traffic would be a perfect choice for you. Organic traffic results in high CTR compared to referral or any other type of traffic.

Direct traffic on the other hand can help to built a  strong base and long lasting relationship with your readers. This is very important especially when you are trying to create a name for your brand. By use of direct traffic, you can manage to get royal followers, subscribers who will always be there to generate leads for your  business or even buy your products. Same case applies to referral type of traffic

The point here is to have a balanced traffic.  Do not concentrate on getting only one type of traffic.  Both organic and non-organic traffic are of significant importance. With the current situation where Google algorithms seems to be changing every other day, concentrating in one type of traffic like organic may not be a good idea.  You are much safer if you could find a balance between the three types of traffic; organic, direct and referrals.

However, whatever type of traffic you decide to concentrate on getting. It should serve the following purposes;

Result to Sale
If your goal is to sell products or to get someone to click on the ads then, a good traffic should accomplish that goal. If your traffic falls short in this category, then it is most probably not the right traffic for your blog.

Give you the Right Audience
A good traffic should be able to give you the right audience. If you are able to get the right audience, the contents found in your website will also match their needs and they are more likely to visit your site again. This is importance when building a strong community.

Should Come from a Related Source
If you have a website about SEO and you find that most of the traffic is coming from an adult site. This is definitely not the kind of traffic you would like your blog to get. You need to work towards getting quality, related traffic.

Lastly, whatever type of traffic you manage to get, it is important to understand that, what is defined as right traffic is only the kind of traffic that responds and meet your needs as well as the needs of your audience.


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