Sunday, August 19, 2012

Tips on Smart Social Marketing Plan

A smart social media marketing plan should involves understanding the role that the  social media tools play when it comes to marketing or in promotion of a blog. The key point here is knowing the main purpose of doing social marketing which should be to serve and to support.  Any kind of social media marketing should create some value that get people into action and increases their urge to get engaged.

The truth about social media as tool is that, it does not sell in anyway but people who are engaged in using the social media are responsible for selling. That is the main reason why if you want to succeed in any form of social media marketing, you need to start building relationships with your audiences.

The focus of a social media marketing should be based on the understanding that, social marketing is something that support organization, helps in building relationships and sustain the relationships.  Any marketing strategy that is geared towards social marketing should be based on clear purpose, best intention, desire to form partnership and commitment to communication.

When users continue to learn, they get well connected and  they develop trust towards that organization. They also feel empowered and they develop a strong relationship through the social media connection. This kind of relationship is a long lasting, royal relationship which is more likely to result to sales.

To summarize my main point, any smart social media marketing plan should involve three main things; taking responsibility, building relationship and  should result to sales.  Taking responsibility by understanding what your audience wants and giving them what they need is a great way to become successful in social marketing.

While on the other hand, a social marketing strategy that is not based on strong relationship is unlikely to survive for a long time.  You must build a strong relationship with meaningful marketing messages, by community networking and remaining truthful to your audience.

Lastly, social media marketing should result to some kind of sale/reward. This can be in form of  increased blog traffic, increased sale or anything else that would signal that you strategy is working well.

If the kind of social marketing that you are doing is not productive in any way, that would definitely signal that there is something wrong going on and you should look into the matter or change your social marketing plans.


  1. Useful information, Thank you for sharing..

    1. I appreciate you reading my blog. You are always welcome back.

  2. Right! Building a strong and communicative relationship with customers is one of the main purposes of social media marketing. Many businesses choose social media as a marketing tool because it is one of the easiest ways to connect with your customers and be visible among your target market. And that is beneficial because an organization with good rapport with their customers is more likely to succeed.

    1. Well said, a strong relationship equals trust which is very important in any form of social marketing.